I'm a physics student and electronics enthusiast currently living in Berlin. My interests are spread over mostly electronics-related topics like building electronical circuits and fun stuff like Tesla coils as well as PC gaming, 3D printing, photography... Lately I started being interested a little more in programming (C, python, bash). I am also writing reviews of PC PSUs for the german page tech-review.de. In my spare time I am designing mechanical keyboards, mostly PCBs. Notable examples are my wireless "Isometria Series" (still in development), E80-1800, but also the PCBs for werk.technica, geistmaschine and Linworks. The blog section of this page should give a good impression of how I spend my time.

If you wanna contact me - be it for a PCB commission, questions regarding my designs, or just smalltalk - check out the contact options in the footer.