I will post random pictures of events in my life, small projects or other stuff here, accompanied by shorts texts. No long reads, no detailled projects. Just quick impressions of how I am spending my time.

picture of a RGB pcb 26.06.2022
The last entry of todays blog-spam is yet another commission design I made - a rather complex per-key-RGB illuminated 75% keyboard. It uses an Atmel microcontroller as well as two dedicated ISSI LED controllers for smooth and well-controlled LED animations. Lots of work to route, but seeing such a design come to life after flashing the firmware felt amazing, and the RGB illumination is quite impressive - even if I barely use it. Not a big fan of illuminated keyboards.

picture of a wireless pcb 26.06.2022
If you started worrying about the lack of nerdy content - worry no longer! I'm still doing PCB commission designs. This here is one of my more recent designs (and actually, a new picture for once!) - wireless design for the open source ZMK firmware, featuring quite a bit of circuitry to get the battery management and charging behavior just the way we wanted it to be. Works like a charm and was lots of fun to design!

cleaning my bike 26.06.2022
After the tour, my bike really needed a thorough cleaning to get rid of mud, dust, and other dirt that doesn't belong there. Always take care of things if you want them to last!

picture of of two bikes 26.06.2022
This picture is a lot more recent, being taken in late April. I spent two days travelling with my dad with our bikes in the Italian Alps. Didn't stop to take many pictures, but this was the place where we ended up setting our camp - and almost froze our asses off during dinner due to some icy wind.

picture of of land rover in dunes 26.06.2022
I think I bored you with the vacation pictures by now, but for me who grew up in the mountains, dunes are something special, and I really felt like sharing all these pics - apologies! The Landy peeking out between them is just the icing on the cake!

picture of of the sea 26.06.2022
Beautiful scenery, and 2 weeks spent simply relaxing with my family - maybe I'm just getting old, but I really enjoyed that time. We hiked through the beautiful (and for an Italian, very uncommon) landscape, visited towns, or just sat together in the small house we rented and talked. The less I see my parents since I moved out, the more I realize how important they are for me.

picture of of grass 26.06.2022
But now, let's begin the way my year actually did start - in Denmark. Strictly speaking, this picture was from late 2021, but since the vacation continued until early 2022, I'll just post it anyway. I spent the time around Christmas with my parents and it was beautiful.

picture of a pretty LP 26.06.2022
Let's start the year a bit late... I was quite busy, but mostly too lazy to post, to be honest. Time to pick it up again, and post a few random things that happened so far in 2022. First, a beautiful LP that was recently gifted to me by a very special person.