I will post random pictures of events in my life, small projects or other stuff here, accompanied by shorts texts. No long reads, no detailled projects. Just quick impressions of how I am spending my time.

picture of the afraid of heights LP 30.05.2021
Since this blog shouldn't be just about keyboards, I'll spice it up with the prettiest LP I have seen so far. Afraid of Heights from Billy Talent in the "Bloody Mary" limited edition. I was really impressed by this album in multiple ways. Even after almost 25 years, they still rock and the LPs themselves are - simply said - the prettiest I have seen so far. The whole artwork is amazing as well, though. You can only get a glimpse of the small illustrations on the inside of the gatefold cover, each of which depicts one track - together they form the tracklist for the album!

closeup of the GH80-3003 30.05.2021
A followup to the previous post, you can see the white POM plate (again, from evyd13 - awesome work!) and the Gateron Yellows which I lubed with Krytox 205g0 (stems) and 105 (springs). The case is also filled mostly with alubutyl, to give it a less hollow sound and more solid feel. Once more, I am seriously impressed by what you can achieve with an old cherry office-board. Most flashy gaming-boards could learn a lot from a G80.

picture of the GH80-3003 30.05.2021
A while ago I was asked by a friend to change the GH80-3000 from evyd13 to be assemblable by jlcpcb. I went into full "while I'm at it..." mode and added ESD protection along the way, and changed a few traces for cleaner routing. As a thanks, he gave me one of the PCBs, and a case in great quality. Currently, I am using the board with ePBT Royal Alpha, though those will probably be swapped over to the Linworks Whale 75 I should receive soon-ish.

picture of my desk 27.05.2021
I have recently purchased a new 34" ultrawide screen, as well as a monitor stand for 2 displays, allowing me to mount both the new ultrawide, as well as my old 27" screen next to each other. The desk still looks clean and un-cluttered, and having more than doubled my screen estate was a huge efficiency-boost for many tasks, particularly PCB design. I haven't been too satisfied with my PC setup so far, but the new screen and stand were game-changers.

picture of the keyboard 27.05.2021
I'll follow up with a second picture of the same board, but with different keycaps. This time, I'm using MT3 /dev/tty - I think they fit the board even better. The new revision is in the works by now. While I have made little progress, my ideas about what I want to include, and how I plan on changing the design have become a lot clearer. I am positive that the redesign will be awesome.

isometria 75 on red samurai deskmat 11.03.2021
I haven't been posting my Isometria 75 prototype for a while now. By now it got a new PCB, based on an nRF52840 controller and a battery, allowing it to run wirelessly for months without the need to recharge. Powered by the open source firmware ZMK it can connect to any device via Bluetooth LE with almost no latency. I will start working on the next revision soon, which will see a complete redesign of both case and PCB.

screenshot of ddns page 11.03.2021
My homepage has been offline for several days (the usercount graph shows this clearly). I am hosting it - together with all other services - on a homeserver in my apartment, but am currently at my parent's place. 900 km away. When my entire network was suddenly unreachable (not even pingable) I was quite scared to be honest. Luckily it turned out fine, and was only caused by Vodafone network issues. My router log showed a few days full of failed handshake attemps with upstream servers, then suddenly came back online with a new IPv4, which was promptly sent to namecheap by my ddns service. Everything is back online now, and I hope this won't be a recurring issue...

KTM Enduro R 2021 26.02.2021
I spent this winter modifying my KTM Enduro R 2019, replacing the original side fairings with the gray ones from the new KTM SMC-R 2021. In addition I added a Rade Garage rally front tower with LED headlights and an additional Rade Garage 5l fuel tank. Now it'd be ready for some adventures, but since we're in full lockdown, I'm not allowed to go anywhere...

cat 23.01.2021
Our cat rarely comes by to visit us anymore, since she mostly lives at my grandparent's place during winter. Always a pleasure when she decides to drop by.

snowy trees 02.01.2021
Let's start 2021 with something nice - snow! We haven't had much snow in the last few years, so I was really excited when I woke up and everything outside my bedroom windows was covered in 20 cm of snow. Beautiful!