I will post random pictures of events in my life, small projects or other stuff here, accompanied by shorts texts. No long reads, no detailled projects. Just quick impressions of how I am spending my time.

lubing mx black for G80 11.07.2020
I purchased a few Cherry G80-1800 a while ago and designed custom PCBs for them, enabling them to not only have native USB-C but also backlight and QMK support, as well as a small OLED screen in the otherwise ugly and useless cardreader-slot. The G80 I decided to keep for myself is dated to the year 2000 and has - probably due to fairly excessive office-use over the years - really smooth switches. I have spring-swapped them to TX 65g springs (bag-lubed with Krytox 105) and lubed housings and stems with Krytox 205g0, as well as added some 3D printed 0.2 mm switch films. The result is an incredibly smooth switch with a really low-pitched thocky bottom out. Love em! Now I have to wait for the PCBs to show up.

working battery management pcb 23.06.2020
The last components have arrived and I was able to fully assemble the first prototype PCB of the keyboard. I did not expect it to work flawlessly on the first try! The keyboard itself is fairly straightforward and hard to mess up, but even the battery management boards works like a charm. Now all I can do is wait for my friend to mill the first case prototype - can't wait!

picture of the keyboard 18.05.2020
As I have already posted a while ago, I am currently working on a custom mechanical keyboard. A proper project-post will follow once I find the time. I am currently waiting for some components to assemble my first prototype board. Most things are already working, though some are still untested. Designing this board is really fun, and I have learned a lot so far!

my homeoffice workplace 20.03.2020
Since Covid-19 is about to arrive here, too, in it's full strength, I kinda self-quarantined myself and only leave my apartment for shopping. I am currently working on a new project, a self-designed PC keyboard (shameless self-promotion), and felt like sharing a picture of my desk. As you can see, I am busy enough even without leaving home ;) Stay safe, stay at home, and best of luck to you and your families!

sunset 04.02.2020
This may not be much for most people, but for someone who lived in a valley for most of his life, a sunset is something special. Now that I have an apartment in a higher floor, I can see it out of my window, or from the balcony and I love it.

my new keycaps on a CM Masterkeys Pro M 28.01.2020
After a long wait, I finally received my set of SA Orange Dolch Keycaps (manufactured by Domikeys) from Massdrop. It is one of the very few SA sets where there is a German ISO version available - I had been looking for ages to find a pretty (and affordable) keyset - and found the perfect one, since I love orange as a color. Can't wait for the other parts for my custom keyboard to arrive - right now it sits on my old Cooler Master Masterkeys Pro M.

did a couple of mods on my headphones 22.01.2020
I have been using my pair of Grado MS1i for a few years now. While I always enjoyed their sound, the cables, headband and comfort of the earcups were not particularily good. So I replaced the original cables and decided to make them modular, once they were open, by fitting a pair of SMB (high frequency antenna) connectors. I also added some fancy looking and comfortable paracord to the headband and purchased Grado G-Cups to replace the S-Cups. Now they are incredibly comfortable, and in my opinion super pretty, too.

picture at anti-flag show in berlin 22.01.2020
When one of my favourite bands - the US based punk band Anti-Flag - announced a tour date in Berlin, I instantly purchased a ticket. Now the day had finally come and the show was amazing. Great performance, awesome croud. Can't wait for them to come back to Berlin!