I will post random pictures of events in my life, small projects or other stuff here, accompanied by shorts texts. No long reads, no detailled projects. Just quick impressions of how I am spending my time.

Central hall at 35c3 29.12.2018
The annual chaos communication congress is impressive. I've wanted to visit it for quite some time, and this year finally managed to. Lots of Thinkpads, lots of RGB lights, lots of weird custom vehicles (?), lots of interesting talks and lots of awesome people! It is definitely worth a visit. (All persons on the picture were blurred to respect their privacy).

Milwaukee battery drill 21.12.2018
If you started wondering where all those non-nerdy posts came from - worry no longer! I got this awesome Milwaukee M12 FPD for my birthday and had to try it the day after. It is awesome. This small and lightweight machine packs some serious power and can even work as a hammer drill - the 5 mm drill went through solid concrete as if it was nothing. Impressive!

Windmill in Delft 14.12.2018
I spent a few days in December at a good friend's place in Delft. Those were some awesome days and Delft is a beautiful city. I did not take too many good pictures, sadly, because my fingers were constantly frozen and the motivation to take the EOS from my backpack was... small.

Dojo of master fujimoto 10.11.2018
Together with a few friends I was at Milan for the 40th anniversary of Aikikai Italy as an "ente morale", a big stage with students and masters from all over the country training together with master Tada. I still define myself as a beginner in Aikido, but still learned a lot and had fun. Over the night we slept in the dojo where master Fujimoto once taught.

SMD training - blinkenlux 27.08.2018
In order to improve my SMD soldering and to get a platform for some ESP8266 experiments (I am planning a larger project which will include one of those chips) I soldered a blinkenlux, a small board designed by a friend including an ESP8266, some passives, a chip for USB and 9 WS2812.

Fans on a radiator 27.08.2018
After getting a lot of dust in my PC due to a suboptimal fan setup, i turned a couple of fans around. The result was a better airflow, yielding similar temperatures but less dust. This picture was taken after I had re-seated the first radiator fan.

Hand made antenna with awful tune 27.08.2018
After purchasing a Realacc diversity module for my Fatshark goggles, I also needed a second antenna and tried my luck at building a patch according to IBCrazys instructions. They were, however, for significantly lower frequencies and it turned out to be almost impossible to cut the panels with sufficient precision - it turned out awfully detuned.

Lego bucket wheel excavator 27.08.2018
I was given a Lego bucket wheel excavator model for Christmas but never found the time to actually build it until recently. I totally forgot how much fun Lego can be!

Picture of a mountain 27.07.2018
I went for a walk in the mountains with my parents. The view was amazing, but most pictures I took show my parents, so I decided to chose this one for my blog.

Quadcopter stuff 27.07.2018
My 3" FPV racer with all necessary accessoires packed for a holiday by the sea that sadly never took place... If I only want to go for a couple of flights (no charger, no tools) all I need fits in the repurposed DeWalt battery drill case.

Keenlab kWeld 27.07.2018
I built the pack in the last picture with the IT-Syndikat's kWeld spotwelder. Great tool. Very easy to use and good results!

5S3P battery pack made from NCR18650GA 27.07.2018
My new cells have finally arrived, so I proceeded to make a 5S3P pack out of them, which will be used for a Bluetooth speaker I am currently planning.

Fried printrboard with desoldered stepper drivers 30.06.2018
Years ago i accidentally killed my printrbot's board by connecting it to a PSU with wrong polarity. Now I had a closer look and noticed that only the 4 Allegro A4982 (1/16 microstepping drivers) and the step down converter had died. I will replace the Allegro with some A5984 (drop in replacement, 1/32 microstepping) as soon as they arrive and see how the printer turns out!

3D printer in the hackerspace 20.06.2018
Sometimes other 3D printers need a little setup as well... After we changed the printbed nobody bothered to adapt the configs for PETG. So I re-levelled it and tried to get PETG working. Not perfect, but it prints!

Black and red color coordination 30.05.2018
Of course I also need some 18650 batteries for the new flashlight. While waiting for my NCR18650B I decided to build a small charger. 3D printed holder with a "spring", some steel screws, some wires, a 2S balancer connector and a XT60 to charge 2 in series on my Junsi.

New flashlight 30.05.2018
I wanted to buy a small yet bright flashlight for a while now. Lately a friend recommended buying a Sofirn SP32A. What I got for my ~17 $ is very surprising. Great manufacturing quality, a very well thought out way to use it with a single push button and amazing 1550 lm max.

Some debugging with an oscilloscope 21.05.2018
I spent yesterday evening in the hackerspace, the IT-Syndikat, rewriting, debugging and improving the C code for my RGBWA desk backlight.

Black and red color coordination 09.05.2018
I recently noticed that almost all of my mobile stuff (phone, headphones, USB-C cable, Thinkpad) are red or have red accents. Looks quite awesome!

Repaired junsi iCharger 28.02.2018
Some months ago when I accidentally killed my iCharger with overvoltage, a friend gave me his with a blown power stage to salvage for spare parts. Now, an SMD transistor and Zener diode as well as three TO-220 transistors later, that one works as well. Looks like I got two iChargers, now ;)

New Linksys WRT1200AC 25.02.2018
After being annoyed by the UPC cable modem's horrible wireless range and lack of settings, I finally bought myself a decent router (WRT1200AC). OpenWRT is a whole different thing. The black thing below the modem is my webserver, by the way.

116mm mini drone 25.02.2018
Mod it 'til it breaks? My printrbot simple metal saw a bunch of modifications over the years, but is now working better than ever before!

3D printer 25.02.2018
My first self designed FPV racer frame and canopy. Looks sweet, but packs an incredible amount of power. Great fun to fly and very tough to break. Designs are on my thingiverse page!

Custom water loop 25.02.2018
This is a picture of my current PC setup. Spent quite some time working on the customloop ;)

Custom water loop 25.02.2018
Closer look of the tubing. I really like the "industrial" design look I achieved with the matte blacke tubes.

Backpack 25.02.2018
Some time ago I bought myself a 5.11 Rush 12. Very well built and comfy backpack, but in the dark the zippers were almost impossible to find. Fixed it by attaching a bunch of neon green ropes.