I will post random pictures of events in my life, small projects or other stuff here, accompanied by shorts texts. No long reads, no detailled projects. Just quick impressions of how I am spending my time.

picture of a sunken ship 07.02.2019
I am currently on vacation with my family and saw this sunken ship during a bike tour.

cnc milled plywood 29.06.2019
It's always great seeing your CAD models taking shape. These cnc milled plywood parts are for my current/upcoming project which will receive a dedicated buildlog, soon.

redesigned thinkpad psu 18.06.2019
Today I received an OrangePi zero (which will be used for a future project) and was so impatient, I had to start setting it up in the train. Interesting piece of hardware.

redesigned thinkpad psu 18.06.2019
Another old picture I forgot to post... My T450s' powerbrick has a glossy surface which looked quite worn-down after four years of daily use. I borrowed the IT-Syndikat's cutting plotter to redesign the front with a sticker. Love it!

bike next to a lake 18.06.2019
For a long time nothing post-worthy had happened, and when it finally did, I forgot to post it. Great. This picture is actually from a week ago, when I decided to go on my first bike tour of the year (yeah, I'm lazy. I know). After some repairs, I drove ~20 km to a nearby lake for a swim. It was tougher than expected, but more than worth it.

car in the woods 13.04.2019
Me and my dad spent half a week of vacation offroading through Slovenia, Austria and Italy. Sadly we did not have more time and the weather was far from perfect, but it was still a great experience in a unique and beautiful scenery.

charging wireless headphones and phone with a powerbank 01.04.2019
If you were expecting an April fool's post, I'm sorry to disappoint you. This post is to show that Bluetooth headphones are only fun as long as you remember to keep them charged. Once they're empty, you just replace one cable with another.

some scratches obtained while learning how to ride a longboard 22.03.2019
We are currently transitioning from winter to spring, so I decided to get some longboard-training-time once again. It was fun, until it was no more. Luckily I only got a bunch of superficial scratches, but I learned my lesson: Do not ride downhill until you really know what you're doing.

3D printing work in progress 05.03.2019
I finally finished my exams for now (at least I hope so, I have to wait for two results), so I have more time to build stuff again. I am working on two projects contemporarily. One will be finished soon, here is a little sneak peak on some 3D printing design (you can see multiple iterations of the same part). This will be the first project featured on the projects page! Also, my workbench is a mess.

iPhone 6 case design 15.01.2019
My father owns an iPhone 6 and wanted a 3D printed case for it. I checked all designs on thingiverse and most sucked or were difficult to print, so I designed my own using Fusion360. This one was printed from Flexismart TPE, very flexible filament. It fits snuggly around the phone without being too bulky to be impractical. I am very satisfied with the design and will soon upload it to thingiverse.

Thinkpad X201 reassembled 07.01.2019
There we go! I had to install Windows 7 in order to update the BIOS. My BIOS mod to remove the wireless whitelist required the newest firmware version as a basis. After this mod I was able to install a 4 years newer Intel AC7260 wifi card for better range, power-efficiency and throughput. Windows 7 stayed on the SSD, but I added Fedora with XFCE for a dualboot setup. As soon as it was repaired I had to give it away again, because a friend's X240 recently died and I offered him mine until he purchases a new one.

Thinkpad X201 disassembled 07.01.2019
Our hackerspace received a bunch of mostly broken Thinkpads from our local university. I have a weak spot for X series, so I grabbed a X201 with broken fan and missing battery, RAM and HDD. It took a bit of time, but eventually I got it back in perfect working condition.

5.11 Rush 12 01.01.2019
This picture actually is a few weeks older, but I thought I might as well post it as a year-opener :D I replaced the paracord around the handle and the main zippers of my Rush 12 once again, resulting in an even more unique look - I guess I'll never mistake it for my friends backpack again.